While playing the game of SimCity BuildIt, the city thrives on having good facilities for its population in the city. The mayor has to see that the people get everything necessary for living an ordinary, everyday life. The citizens should have good residential zones that have houses to live in; commercial zones to shop for their daily needs and industrial zones that have factories to produce various goods and products that are necessary to build houses and roads and for other purposes.


When the factory produces various materials like wood, nails, steel, cement and other products that are required by the city, they will have to be produced on time. They can also be stored in the City Storage so that they can be used later when in need. If the products are not available in the storage, the mayor will have to wait for the entire production process to get over before he gets the required items. This will slow down the process of growth in the city. The citizens of the city will not be willing to wait for many hours and days for the mayor to get his products.

The City Storage

The City Storage icon shows the items that are available and how much the storage can store. By making use of this comparison, the mayor has can start the production process before waiting for all the products to get over. Knowing this ratio also helps to reduce waiting time. These are small hints that the mayor has to make use of to ensure that the city functions well and the construction work goes on without delay and trade and production continues evenly.

Improving the Storage Capacity of the City Storage

Sometimes the City Storage may be running at full capacity and there may not be storage space. If there is no storage space, you can sell some of your products from the storage to other players through the Trade Depot and thereby earn some Simoleons. You can use some of the products from the storage and build more residential zones and upgrade a few buildings. This will free some storage space while improving your currency levels too. Some products can also be stored in the buildings in the commercial zone for crafting. Storage capacity can also be expanded so that the capacity increases and more products can be stored.

Full Capacity Drawbacks

If the City Storage is running on full capacity, you will not be able to store the products produced by the factories. Factories will have to remain shut till you have place to store the produced goods. Products crafted from commercial buildings cannot be stored either. If there are good offers at the Trade Depot you cannot buy and store them when they are available at cheaper rates. However the City Storage can be expanded temporarily through Special Items or Sims cash. Getting simcity buildit free cash and free Simoleons helps the player to play easily and gather more points and go up the levels easily through the SimCity BuildIt hack tools.…

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